WEBNARS Unlock Financial Prosperity in 2024: Building a 7-Figure Business with Diverse Income Streams!

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Unlock Financial Prosperity in 2024: Building a 7-Figure Business with Diverse Income Streams!

06 Feb 2024, 1:30 PM

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Embark on a transformative journey for your business in 2024 with our webinar, "🌟 Unlock Financial Prosperity in 2024: Building a 7-Figure Business with Diverse Income Streams! 🌟" Discover the untapped potential within your industry as we explore the critical need for diversifying revenue sources in today's dynamic market.

This webinar offers practical insights and strategies to break free from the limitations of a single income stream. We'll delve into the reasons behind the necessity of diversification and provide actionable steps to identify and leverage multiple revenue streams.

Join our expert, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the digital business, as they share valuable knowledge to help you unlock the full potential of your enterprise. The focus is on real-world strategies that go beyond theory, offering you tangible steps to transform your business into a thriving, 7-figure empire.

Save the date, January 27th, 2024, and invest a small amount to gain access to invaluable insights that could reshape your business trajectory. This webinar is designed for professionals, freelancers, and business owners, in India ready to make 2024 the year of unprecedented abundance. Secure your seat now for a journey towards business growth and success.

Limited seats are available; act fast to secure your spot!

What you will learn

Diversification Strategies

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various revenue streams available within your industry and learn practical strategies to diversify your business for long-term sustainability.

Identifying Untapped Opportunities

Explore how to identify and capitalize on untapped opportunities within your current business model. Discover specific market niches and trends that can contribute to the growth of your enterprise.

Implementable Action Plans

Get actionable steps to implement diversification strategies immediately. And a roadmap to integrate new revenue streams, ensuring that you have practical insights ready to implement in your business.

Maximizing Profitability

Learn to optimize each revenue stream for maximum profitability. And financial implications & benefits of diversification, ensuring that your business thrives with a robust 6-figure earning potential.


"I am glad to have joined this social media course with URS digital under Usha Shrivastav Maam. The very beginning ,Session 1 and session 2, have been total eye opener and motivating sessions that prepares your mindset completely, to take your work ahead in a systematic way... First two sessions have been enough to help us set complete vision of how one wants to position its brand.. Thank you Usha maam for this empowering and uplifting sessions that you have provided us... Thank you."

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Mansi Hrishikesh Shah

Raaya Silver Jewellery

I am working on setting up my brand "The art roll". Being a housewife, I never thought of setting up my own business though I really wish to pursue it. I did not have any idea or source to deliver my own ideas to a large audience. By doing sessions I got new ways in which I can carry out my ideas to large number of people. The sessions also made it clear the way one needs to set up a brand. I am really grateful to Usha Ma'am for boosting up these sessions."

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Shaivi Verma

Founder - The Art Roll

"I m into Jewellery designing nd manufacturing since 2008. In this journey I have learnt a lot, but what these two sessions have contributed is tremendous. Here we were taught how to study target customer keenly, a difficult task but taught to handle with ease. Brainstorming, learning new tools, getting accustomed with digital world made me more confident. Nd surely, I will be able to make my digital presence feel in coming sessions. Thanks Usha ji for giving us this evolving platform."

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Divya Jain

Founder - Divyagems

"As a working business, one tends lose track in the flow of operations. This course has forced me to introspect ground up. Re-evaluation of the basics can lead to surprising results. Having input from an experienced individual who has seen various aspects of this industry is a literal privilege".

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Neha Jhunjhunwala

Founder - Aurnument

"Even if it's been sometime into you running your business, sometimes we need to re-look certain aspects which might seem simple but you have missed out on or now what to be more clear of what we want to convey as a brand. This course has helped me rearrange those details which was so important. I am thankful to Usha mam for helping us out one on one."

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Vaidehi Mehta

Founder - Echo Accessories

"The whole process of this digital marketing is magical nd Usha ji you are the best. I have been doing things previously but with ese we can manage it all now is commendable! " Thanks 😊

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Founder - Divya Gems

"Today I had a problem solving session with Usha ji one on one . Her suggestions nd vision for my entire business module was very sorted . Thank you so much for ur support nd guidance . It has brought clarity in my approach . U r ideas and words are invaluable . Thanks for everything."

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Founder - Being Silver

More about the hosts

Meet Usha Shrivastava, founder of Business Sakhi, with 25+ years in jewellery and a decade in digital entrepreneurship. Bridging tradition and tech, Usha empowers women entrepreneurs, bringing a unique blend of industry insight, digital acumen, and a passion for success to Business Sakhi

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